Advantages of Dental Works

Centrally Located

Since its inception in 2002, Dental Works has established itself as Connecticut's Staffing Resource. As of 2014, Dental Works has expanded its service into Western Massachusetts. Our central locale and 50 plus years of experience in the dental community allow us to give each dental office personal attention. The staff at Dental Works has established a rapport with hundreds of dental offices and dental professionals throughout Southern New England. Personally visiting clients gives Dental Works an advantage in evaluating each practice's individual staffing needs, making Dental Works the first choice for staffing.

THE END RESULT:  A "Perfect Fit"

24/7 Availability

Emergencies don’t only happen between 8 AM and 5 PM, so why should your staffing agency only be available during working hours?  Dental Works is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to expedite all essential staffing needs.

Qualified, Professional Dental Auxiliaries

Not every candidate is qualified to be a Dental Works Auxiliary. Our thorough screening process ensures that only the most competent and dependable dental professionals are selected to represent Dental Works. As part of this rigorous process, each Dental Works applicant completes a detailed application packet along with a face-to-face interview and criminal background check. We confirm the employment histories, run reference checks on all applicants and verify licenses on a yearly basis. Each applicant's immunizations are verified, documented and tracked.


Dental Works understands each dental office has individual needs. Our goal is to be flexible enough to meet all your staffing needs, including:

  • Multiple payroll options:
    • Referral Basis - Client assumes payroll responsibilities
    • Staffing Basis - Dental Works assumes ALL payroll responsibilities
  • Graduated Rates based on auxiliary's years of experience
  • Permanent and Temporary Placement
  • Full Time and Part Time Staffing
  • Temporary to Permanent hire options
  • Long Term Coverage
  • Medical Leave Coverage
  • Maternity Leave Coverage
  • Vacation Coverage
  • Last Minute Coverage
  • Same Day Coverage


Dental Works' Graduated Fee Schedule allows you to choose the rate that works best for your office and budget. Our hourly rates are based on the number of years of experience each auxiliary has accrued. Clients may specify the experience level preferred for their office.

Customized Software Matching

Customized proprietary software gives Dental Works the ability to track and select the best candidate for each office. Requests for specific auxiliaries are honored whenever possible. This software allows Dental Works to fill 92% of all assignment requests within 1 hour and 98% within 24 hours.

Performance Evaluations

Dental Works actively monitors the performance of each of our auxiliaries. Candid feedback from dental practices helps us to maintain our high level of excellence.  Auxiliaries who fail to meet Dental Works' standards will be placed on probation and given the opportunity for improvement. Failure to improve will result in termination.

Code of Ethics

Each Dental Works Auxiliary must comply with a Dental Works' code of ethics and professionalism.  Failure to observe the terms of the agreement is grounds for dismissal.


There is no limit to what the professionals at Dental Works can do.

D e n t a l   S t a f f i n g   M a d e   E a s y