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What makes Dental Works different from other temporary dental staffing agencies?
  • Dental Works services all counties of Connecticut and New York
  • Our staff has an extensive background in the dental field. As previous dental
    hygienists, dental assistants and dental office support, they have a unique insight into the needs of dental practices
  • Applicants go through a comprehensive process including personal interviews,
    verification of employment history, professional references, licenses,
    certifications, and criminal background checks
  • Dental Works is available whenever you need us, 24/7
  • Dental Works’ fee schedule allows practices to select the best rate for their
    budget, while maintaining competitive rates for our dental professionals

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Is Dental Works affiliated with any national or state organizations?

Yes. We pride ourselves on keeping up with current trends in the dental field as well as our continued support of the dental community at large. The Dental Works team maintains active memberships, sponsorships and volunteers with the following:

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What is the interview process for your candidates?

Not all candidates pass the approval process to represent Dental Works. Our
onboarding process incudes:

  • Personal interviews
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment history verification
  • Professional reference verification
  • Completion of I-9
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form and E-Verify
  • Verification of licenses and certifications prior to actual hire and annually
  • Verification of individual liability insurance for hygienists and dentists
  • HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement
  • Immunization Status Verification
  • Agreement to Dental Works' Code of Ethics

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What are the advantages of using Dental Works instead of advertising for my dental personnel?

At Dental Works, each candidate goes through an extensive vetting process prior to hiring. In any busy dental practice, finding the right person can be costly and time-consuming.

We understand your time is valuable and we are here to ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly. We forward you only viable candidates' resumes so that you can streamline your interview process.

There is never a cost to your practice unless you hire a Dental Works candidate.

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Is Dental Works available when I need coverage? What are the hours of operation?

Dental Works offers around-the-clock service. We understand that life happens and timing isn’t always on your side. Be assured that you will get an immediate answer or a return call within moments of your request. We pride ourselves on being available and getting you the help you’ve requested.

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When do overtime rates apply?

All time worked by a Dental Works Professional after 40 hours in a week is paid as time and a half.

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Is there a minimum number of hours required for a temporary assignment?x

Yes, Dental Works requires any temporary assignment to have a length of 4 hours or more. Any assignment less than 4 hours will be billed at the 4-hour minimum.

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What happens if my schedule changes, and I no longer need the temp who has been assigned to my office?

It is always helpful to provide us with advance notice so we may assign the temp to another practice. However, we realize schedules change and patients cancel. You may cancel any assignment by 5pm the day before the placements without a charge, after this the 4-hour minimum will apply.

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When a temp accepts an assignment at my office, do I pay them or does Dental Works?

You can choose to pay the temp directly or have Dental Works handle payroll for the temp.

  • If the office decides to pay the auxiliary directly, the client will assume all payroll responsibilities, including but not limited to: Unemployment claims, liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, quarterly and annual federal and state tax filings, Federal and State Unemployment Taxes, Medicare, Social Security, payroll and W2 forms. Your office will also be named as past employer if the auxiliary files for unemployment benefits. This could increase your unemployment contribution rate.

  • According to the IRS Independent Contractor definition, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants cannot be considered Independent Contractors. Misclassifying a temp as an Independent Contractor can expose you to IRS penalties and fines.

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What are the benefits of having Dental Works assume all payroll responsibilities?

When Dental Works handles your payroll, you eliminate the following items and

  • Having to add a temp to your payroll, even if they are in your office for one day
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Payroll taxes
  • Federal W-4 Forms
  • State W-4 Forms
  • INS Form I-9, including verification of original documents
  • Quarterly and Annual Federal Tax Filings
  • Quarterly and Annual State Tax Filings
  • Increases to your Liability Insurance
  • Increases to your Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Annual W-2 Forms

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How are the rates for the temps calculated?

Hourly rates for dental auxiliaries are based on their experience and the geographic location of your office. Offices may specify the level of experience they prefer in their practice. Compensation for dentists is negotiated on an individual basis.

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You previously sent me a person I enjoyed having in my office. Can I call them directly if I need a temp again?

All requests for Dental Works Auxiliary staff must be made through Dental Works. Whenever possible, we will try to honor requests for specific people.

The sooner you let us know about needed coverage, the higher the likelihood of us filling the assignment with the requested auxiliary.

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Can I treat a temp as an independent contractor and issue them a 1099 Form?

We recommend that you speak with your Accountant regarding Independent Contractors. The IRS has determined that Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants do not pass the ABC Test for Independent Contractors.

Misclassification of temps as Independent Contractors can expose your office to paying back taxes and potential fines.

For more information, refer to the following links:

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When I contact Dental Works, am I guaranteed that I will get coverage?

Although we cannot guarantee that we will fill every assignment, the large number of temps available to us allows us to fill the majority of requests very quickly.

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How quickly do you fill assignments?

Dental Works has customized proprietary software that allows us to track and select the best candidate for each office. Dental Works auxiliaries are contacted as soon as coverage is requested. 

Requests are commonly filled within an hour.

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As a dental professional, am I allowed to work with other agencies?

Absolutely. We want you to join us because we are the best agency for you. Dental Works will not restrict you to using only Dental Works. We will not prevent you from registering with other agencies. We always do our best to keep you busy, however, we would never use tactics that deprive you from earning a living. The only restriction that we have is that if we send you to an office, you can only return to that office through Dental Works.

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As a dental practice, am I allowed to work with other agenices?

Absolutely. We want you to use Dental Works because we are the best agency for you, not because we restrict your options. The only restriction that we have is that if we send a temp to your office, you can only request that temp through Dental Works.

Most offices prefer to work exclusively with Dental Works because of our speed and accuracy, thorough vetting process, and competitive rates.

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How far in advance should I call for coverage?

Ideally, as soon as an office is aware that they will need temporary coverage, Dental Works should be contacted. However, Dental Works does fill last minute assignments with a high success rate. If an office is requesting a specific temp, the more notice Dental Works has to fill the request, the higher the likelihood for obtaining the desired coverage. Many offices call months in advance to book coverage.

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Does Dental Works have temps to cover a long-term assignment?

Yes. With the large number of dental professionals at our disposal, we are able to fill long term assignments easily and typically with the same individual..

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